Project Management

A comprehensive and user-friendly tool to unlock project excellence

Address project planning, resource allocation, task scheduling, time tracking, and progress monitoring in one module. Promote collaboration and provide a holistic view of projects, helping teams work efficiently and deliver successful outcomes. 

Project Planning with Gantt Diagram

Use the Gantt chart interface to create and plan projects. Define tasks, set start and end dates, establish dependencies, and allocate resources. The Gantt diagram offers an overview of the project timeline, task interdependencies, and critical path analysis. 

Assigning the right person to the right project

Assign staff members to specific tasks based on their roles, skills, and availability. The software checks the availability of each team member and prevents overallocation. It provides a clear view of who is working on what, ensuring optimal utilization of resources. 

Scheduling in Employees' Agendas

Once tasks are assigned, the software integrates with employees’ calendars. Let project managers or employees add project phases and tasks to their agendas so they can manage their time effectively ensuring alignment with their other commitments. 

Time Tracking and Confirmation

Team members can log their hours worked on each task directly within the software. They can also input the progress status of each task, such as “Not Started,” “In Progress,” or “Completed.” Managers or project leads can review and approve these hours and updates. 

Project Progress Monitoring

Monitor project progress in realtime. The Gantt chart dynamically updates based on logged hours and task statuses. It provides insights into completed tasks, upcoming milestones, and potential delays, enabling timely intervention and adjustments.