Innovation according to ACPV Architects: exclusive interview with Patricia Viel, Founder & CEO

Founded in 2000 by Antonio Citterio and Patricia Viel, ACPV Architects is an international excellence in the architecture sector. 

With over 180 professionals and generating a revenue of 26 million, ACPV attributes its success to a steadfast dedication to project curation, innovative solutions, and addressing challenges related to innovation, digitalization, climate change, and social impact. 

ACPV has chosen to digitize its processes through Tarko. The goals are clear: ensuring quality and fluidity of the processes. 

In this interesting interview, Patricia Viel, Founder and CEO of ACPV Architects, speaks about the “science of collaboration” as a new way to manage individual projects and ACPV’s model based on workflow control, with the primary objective of optimizing the performance of its resources. 

A unique reflection on the integration between geometries and behaviors that underpin new design methods and the merger between the organization as such and the organizational structure of individual projects. Emphasizing the importance of generated data and its timely use, it provides a stimulating perspective on the relationship between creativity and innovation.

Watch the full interview now. 

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